Marco Di Tillo

(Ed. Corsare)

Pietro Casalini is a twelve year old who dreams of becoming a famous knight like his hero Giuliano de 'Medici, Lorenzo the Magnificent‘s brother. However the year is 1478 and odd obscure events are troubling Florence: the Pazzi’s are conspiring against the Medici family, and Sarah, the queen of witches, is plotting to kidnap Pietro’s little sister Arianna. So, now it all depends on the young knight who must try to save her by fighting against the forces of evil and the tragic events of history.


It's a funny crime book for young people from 9 to 99 years. During the summer of 1955 the famous Spanish painter Pablo Picasso moved to live on the Côte d'Azur, together with his partner Jacqueline and all his works, hundreds of paintings of immense value. The park of his villa borders with that of Henry Bobòt, the most famous and fatest thief in France, nicknamed La Spremuta, for his insatiable desire for orange juices. Bobòt decided to steal all the paintings of the famous painter and it would be a rather difficult task, if it were not facilitated by the presence on the territory of the most stupid police inspector ever existed, namely Leonard Fusè who, since he was appointed police commander of Cannes, has made the happiness of all the worst offenders in the area ....

( Ed. Fratelli Frilli )

A young Ukrainian waitress is found dead murdered in a shabby apartment in Sampierdarena. In his arms he holds a teddy bear wearing the Genoa shirt. The investigator of the Genoese homicide squad Marco Canepa, a great policeman and a very bad ping-pong player, takes care of the case.A few days later, another Ukrainian girl is killed in a shabby, one-star hotel in Via Pre, in the heart of ancient Genoa. The hand of the assassin seems to be the same as his grotesque signature, although this time the teddy bear, perhaps par condicio, wearing the shirt of the other Genoese team, Sampdoria. The complicated investigations are moving between the caruggi of the old city, the dikes of Begato, the promenade Bettolo di Recco and will arrive to Odessa, in Ukraine. The epilogue, however, is in the same Genoa, in front of the rock of Vesima and the famous study of Punta Mare, the one in which the great architect Renzo Piano, protagonist of the story without his knowledge, will pronounce the sentence that gives the title to the novel.

(Arkadia Publisher)

It is the third thrilled starring the laic-consecrated Sangermano inspector, the policeman who chases serial killers for work and, in private life, helps former drug addicts and is very active in the life of his Roman parish. A beautiful Chinese girl is killed in the gardens of Piazza Vittorio, in Rome. The killer shot her with a sniper rifle from one of the buildings surrounding the ancient square. The murder closely resembles another one, which took place in Largo Tel Aviv, Milan, about three months earlier. The case is entrusted to Uocs, the team specialized in serial crimes and the inspector Marcello Sangermano begins the investigation, assisted by his usual collaborators Silvia Fedele and Gigi Placidi. There are various tracks to follow in search of this new mysterious serial killer and some of these lead up to the famous Palazzo del freddo in via Principe Eugenio, the famous and ancient Roman ice cream parlor Fassi. The investigations go on in Milan at same time and the inspector Sangermano, finally, will also have to go to Shanghai, China, to verify in person any involvement of the bosses of the Triad. But it is precisely in Rome that perhaps the truth is hidden, especially in that most secret part of the city that still seems to bring the echo of a past steeped in perfidious alchemy and dark esotericism.

due ragazzi

("Un' Indagine dell'Ispettore Sangermano"
Arkadia Publisher)

It is a torrid summer morning when the corpse of a young seminarian is found in the Pontifical Seminary in Rome. Next to the body a pair of bloody shears and a cut off finger. The Uocs are called to investigate the case, the police unit specialized on serial crimes, led by the inspector Marcello Sangermano, a policeman with a tender but determined heart. At the same time, on the other side of the Tiber, inside the Vatican, a growing fear that a scandal may explode, especially in a particular moment like this, which sees the new pontiff engaged in a work of rehabilitation of ecclesiastical institutions. Helped by his collaborators - the psychologist Silvia Fedele, the head of the scientific department Gizzi, the deputy inspector Placidi - Sangermano discovers that similar murders have been done in the past. But the search for truth is immediately complicated and fraught with obstacles, mainly due to the reticence of those who know and the continuous misdirections. Sangermano, thus, moving between the Urbe, the Roman coast, the Umbrian countryside, the Tuscia and Sardinia, pursues the threads of a plot with dark implications and terrible implications, which will lead him to the discovery a history of blood and passion that no one would have ever wanted to bring to the light.

("Un' Indagine dell'Ispettore Sangermano"
Arkadia Publisher)

A cold and rainy Roman Christmas is around the corner, but for the UOCS (Serial Crimes Unit) inspector Marcello Sangermano who in his private life dedicates himself to rehabilitation of young ex-drug addicts, there could be no worse of an ending of the year for in Rome lurks a sadistic and merciless murderer. His victims are harmless elderly who he mercilessly slaughters and cuts into pieces. Despite a frantic investigation stemming from public fear and pressure from the authorities to quickly solve the case, the investigation so far has produced nothing. Even though Sangermano is being helped by fellow officers in the Serial Crimes Unit: the Chief of Forensics Sandro Gizzi, a blonde Deputy Inspector Silvia Fedele, and the hefty Gigi Placidi, for the first time in his illustrious career, Marcello is really stuck and faces the prospect of a disastrous failure. There are many suspects, among whom include an obese pharmacist and cartoonist Nanni Ciocci, who happens to be the son of one of the elderly murdered, but nothing concrete has panned out yet. To save the day however, by chance, comes a clue that steers him onto the right track, which takes him through an intersection where a troubled past meets a shabby run down place where strange characters lurk about who in the end will help him along that very path which will finally reveal an unpredictable truth..


(Tre ragazzi e il sultano - Mursia Publisher)

Sultan Bayezid II and his fleet reach Taranto to foil the Medici fleet’s campaign against him. The plan involves abducting Arianna, a girl very dear to the Lorenzo the Magnificent, in order to force him to turn over the Florentine ships to the Muslims. All ends well, thanks to the courage of three young heroes: Pietro, the brother of the kidnapped girl, Sacha, a noble-hearted gypsy and Remo, a Roman fruit vendor from the open air market in Campo de' Fiori.



(Mamma natale - Mursia Publisher)

Emergency! It’s Christmas Eve and Santa Claus has the flu! And what a flu it is, with a temperature of 104 °F! Dr. Gufo de Gufus confirms the terrible sentence: No leaving the house; Doctor‘s Orders! . The poor old man is desperate for all the world’s millions of children are waiting for his presents and gifts and he absolutely positively cannot disappoint them! Lo and behold Camilla the old reindeer and one of Santa’s faithful companions who comes up with the solution: ask Mama Christmas, Santa’s sister who lives in the South Seas, for help. So begins the adventure of this jolly old woman who, after an initial moment of bewilderment, is able to carry out her mission to a happy ending.



(Mamma natale ei pirati - Mursia Publisher)

A new adventure for Mama Christmas. This time it’s battling with terrible pirates who have stolen toys from her brother Santa Claus’ floating toy factory ship. With help from her friend Archibald the scientist and his ingenious inventions, once again the jolly old lady is able to save the day.



(Made in Italy Publisher)

Seven easy and romantic walks by foot around Rome. Curious windows, unknown squares, open air fruit and flower markets, ancient buildings and mysterious baroque churches. All this together with amusing anecdotes and memories of a life lived by the author.