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When Austrian Chancellor Engelbert Dollfuss learns that Italian Premier Benito Mussolini will meet with German Chancellor Adolf Hitler in Venice, he worries over the Nazi's plans to annex his Austrian homeland. He calls on war hero Sepp Karper to go to Venice and abduct and exile the German. Considering the Dollfuss directive a pipedream, Austrian Vice Chancellor Ernst Starhemberg orders Sepp, a skilled marksman, to pursue a more permanent solution. Sepp establishes the cover identity of an astronomy professor and, as the story unfolds, we experience his dogged dedication to the mission. We also observe the three governments' internal workings and gain insights into their leaders' personal lives. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt becomes involved when he sends an unofficial observer to be his eyes and ears in Venice. Intrigue ensues with the introduction of a suspicious Roman reporter, a crafty Italian movie director, a snooping Austrian major, inquisitive police detectives, and a homicidal cuckold. Supporting Sepp is an unlikely collection that includes a kindly toymaker, a wayward couturier, a reluctant priest, and a beautiful woman photographer from America. Love, intimacy, hate, betrayal, heroism, and confusion over the mission's success follow as the fast-paced story builds to a crescendo in St. Mark's square, bell tower, and basilica.


In the mid-seventies, when I was twenty-two years old and I was an atheist, communist, with long shoulder-length hair and rock guitar on the shoulder, I got to know Mother Teresa of Calcutta, my father's great friend, who had her helped to open her Missionaries in Rome. My father forced me to pick her up at the airport and accompany her around the city. I attended her for almost twenty-five years, until her death and, in the meantime, we became good friends. She never spoke to me about faith or religion, she didn't ask me anything. But he wanted to know everything about my Vespa trips to Europe, my Psychology studies and the first television programs that I started writing for Rai. She was witty and funny to me, as nobody imagines that she was Mother Teresa. Day after day, that wonderful little nun, with her concrete example, entered my heart and faith also came too.


by Augustine Campana & Marco Di Tillo,
Webster House Publishing
English language only

Whitehall, London, May 1944. A security breach occurs when an errant breeze blows 12 classified copies of a top secret invasion plan out a British War Office window. Eleven copies are recovered, but through a chance set of events, Paul Eisenhower, a postman and distant cousin of the Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces Dwight Eisenhower, discovers the twelfth copy in his mail bag. He reads it briefly which is all it takes since he has a photographic memory, turns it in safe and sound to the Whitehall War Office, and walks away. The allies learn of his identity and attempt to keep him out of sight until after the invasion. The Germans get wind of the whole thing and go after him in a desperate attempt to discover when and where the landings will occur. Meanwhile, Paul drops out of sight after tracking down an English lieutenant he erroneously believes to be a spy and the source of the document. The British send an MI6 agent after them both; the Americans assign a special forces G-2 Major to the task; and the Germans pursue the pair using a host of agents led by their notorious head of Foreign Intelligence: Oberführer Walter Schellenberg. The Germans succeed in capturing the postman, lieutenant, and the MI6 agent in an English pub and fly them all to Germany for interrogation. However, en route, the three men escape, and with the help of the underground movement and others sympathetic to the cause, experience a host of trials and tribulations in making their way from Germany, across Holland, to Brussels, and on to Paris. During this long and daring escape they come across many adventures, encounter fear, meet new friends and are able to find love as well.

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Lisciani Libri
Italian language only

Giulio the king of the superficial, Matteo the Pimple Boy and Capozzi the Big Brush, are three Roman sixteen year olds on vacation in Anzio,
a summer. Paoletto, also called Small Brush, often accompanies them because he is the Big Brush's younger brother. In that very hot month of August, at the beginning, not much happens, in reality, if we naturally exclude the many cigarettes smoked, the many beers consumed, the hunting of toads to be sold at the Chinese Restaurant and the perennial search for the most beautiful girls who instead drool always behind those bigger than them. At a party at the Tirrena plant roundabout, Giulio finds Fabrizia, an elementary school friend, who has become a really amazing girl today and she confesses to him that she was in love with him, as a child, even though he had never noticed. Will Giulio manage to make up for lost time? Along the chaotic Lazio west coast, the three also experiment a motorbikes theft in front of the Nettuno baseball stadium, spread putrid worms to damage the odious bar in the area, made holes on the walls of the cabins to peek at some possible nude of woman, rough lifeguards from the heavy hands and, finally, also a mysterious cousin named Ci', the one who arrives at the last to bring the Super Gift, a really new and tantalizing little thing: the snow. And with the snow begins another story that, after a sparkling and psychedelic night, leads the group to get on a train to reach Rimini in the East Coast, at the shabby Magic Pension and finally in a spectacular Dance Club. It ends badly because the snow is very bad and the cousin Ci’ faints and removes part of the brain. But it is a warning to everyone, especially for young readers.

Marco Di Tillo








Italian language only

Pietro Casalini is a twelve year old who dreams of becoming a famous knight like his hero Giuliano de 'Medici, Lorenzo the Magnificent‘s brother. However the year is 1478 and odd obscure events are troubling Florence: the Pazzi’s are conspiring against the Medici family, and Sarah, the queen of witches, is plotting to kidnap Pietro’s little sister Arianna. So, now it all depends on the young knight who must try to save her by fighting against the forces of evil and the tragic events of history.

Arkadia Publisher
Italian language only

It is the third thrilled starring the laic-consecrated Sangermano inspector, the policeman who chases serial killers for work and, in private life, helps former drug addicts and is very active in the life of his Roman parish. A beautiful Chinese girl is killed in the gardens of Piazza Vittorio, in Rome. The killer shot her with a sniper rifle from one of the buildings surrounding the ancient square. The murder closely resembles another one, which took place in Largo Tel Aviv, Milan, about three months earlier. The case is entrusted to Uocs, the team specialized in serial crimes and the inspector Marcello Sangermano begins the investigation, assisted by his usual collaborators Silvia Fedele and Gigi Placidi. There are various tracks to follow in search of this new mysterious serial killer and some of these lead up to the famous Palazzo del freddo in via Principe Eugenio, the famous and ancient Roman ice cream parlor Fassi. The
investigations go on in Milan at same time and the inspector Sangermano, finally, will also have to go to Shanghai, China, to verify in person any involvement of the bosses of the Triad. But it is precisely in Rome that perhaps the truth is hidden, especially in that most secret part of the city that still seems to bring the echo of a past steeped in perfidious alchemy and dark esotericism.