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by Augustine Campana & Marco Di Tillo,
Webster House Publishing
English language only

Whitehall, London, May 1944. A security breach occurs when an errant breeze blows 12 classified copies of a top secret invasion plan out a British War Office window. Eleven copies are recovered, but through a chance set of events, Paul Eisenhower, a postman and distant cousin of the Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces Dwight Eisenhower, discovers the twelfth copy in his mail bag. He reads it briefly which is all it takes since he has a photographic memory, turns it in safe and sound to the Whitehall War Office, and walks away. The allies learn of his identity and attempt to keep him out of sight until after the invasion. The Germans get wind of the whole thing and go after him in a desperate attempt to discover when and where the landings will occur. Meanwhile, Paul drops out of sight after tracking down an English lieutenant he erroneously believes to be a spy and the source of the document. The British send an MI6 agent after them both; the Americans assign a special forces G-2 Major to the task; and the Germans pursue the pair using a host of agents led by their notorious head of Foreign Intelligence: Oberführer Walter Schellenberg. The Germans succeed in capturing the postman, lieutenant, and the MI6 agent in an English pub and fly them all to Germany for interrogation. However, en route, the three men escape, and with the help of the underground movement and others sympathetic to the cause, experience a host of trials and tribulations in making their way from Germany, across Holland, to Brussels, and on to Paris. During this long and daring escape they come across many adventures, encounter fear, meet new friends and are able to find love as well.

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Marco Di Tillo

(Un'indagine dell'ispettore Sangermano),

Italian language only

A cold and rainy Roman Christmas is around the corner, but for the UOCS (Serial Crimes Unit) inspector Marcello Sangermano who in his private life dedicates himself to rehabilitation of young ex-drug addicts, there could be no worse of an ending of the year for in Rome lurks a sadistic and merciless murderer. His victims are harmless elderly who he mercilessly slaughters and cuts into pieces. Despite a frantic investigation stemming from public fear and pressure from the authorities to quickly solve the case, the investigation so far has produced nothing. Even though Sangermano is being helped by fellow officers in the Serial Crimes Unit: the Chief of Forensics Sandro Gizzi, a blonde Deputy Inspector Silvia Fedele, and the hefty Gigi Placidi, for the first time in his illustrious career, Marcello is really stuck and faces the prospect of a disastrous failure. There are many suspects, among whom include an obese pharmacist and cartoonist Nanni Ciocci, who happens to be the son of one of the elderly murdered, but nothing concrete has panned out yet. To save the day however, by chance, comes a clue that steers him onto the right track, which takes him through an intersection where a troubled past meets a shabby run down place where strange characters lurk about who in the end will help him along that very path which will finally reveal an unpredictable truth.

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